Phantom Tag Protector® anti photo, anti camera, anti radar, anti video, and anti scanner license plate covers have been PROVEN TO WORK!!!

Phantom Tag Protector anti photo, anti camera, anti radar, anti video, and anti scanner license plate covers are manufactured from only the finest shatterproof and non-yellowing acrylic materials designed for outdoor use. Essentially, phantom tag protector, as its name suggests, protects your privacy while you’re traveling in the privacy of your own automobile. Whether it’s the anti camera, or it’s the anti photo, or maybe you’ll need its anti radar and/or its anti scanner protection, phantom tag protector is guaranteed to deliver the right to privacy protection you deserve.

     Our regular clear license plate covers, while not equipped with these high tech anti "big brother” features, are also manufactured from the same non-yellowing acrylic material, and offer environmental protections for your license plate. Our clear acrylic license plate covers protect your license plate & registration stickers from rain, snow, sun, dirt, theft & other environmental hazards.

Our Mission

Our response to one of our customers frequently asked questions summarizes our mission very well. "Phantom Tag Protector as a company truly values its customers, and wants them to save as much of their hard earned financial resources as possible. As much as our customers shouldn't waste their hard earned money on bogus, revenue driven, and unfairly issued automated traffic enforcement tickets, we also believe they shouldn't have to pay an exacerbated amount for any measures to avoid being issued these unjust tickets. So, we've gone the extra mile, or two to keep manufacturing, marketing, and logistic costs at a minimum, and then ultimately pass these savings on to our customers through lower product prices. In addition, even some of our competitors' customers are now benefiting from our efforts, because some competitors have started lowering their prices to match ours or just below ours, after having ridiculously higher prices for years. So, beware of similar products that were once overpriced, and now being marketed at prices just below ours. In the end you will end up with an inferior, quick to turn yellow, and requiring replacing soon product by shopping with such unscrupulous business establishments."