ZYCSKTL Dumbbells Set Adjustable Fillable Dumbbells Set, Black 35lb

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 Lack of exercise, but do not want to exercise outdoors? Want to exercise your muscles, but it is a little difficult to go to the gym? Want to lose weight, but time and occasions are not allowed? Why not choose this portable dumbbell to start exercising anytime, anywhere?

Color: Black 35lb*2


  • 💪【Easy storage design】:Ordinary dumbbells need to do a lot of work. For example, when resting, when dumbbells are nowhere to be placed, a dedicated shelf is needed to prevent rolling. But this dumbbell does not have this kind of trouble. It has a "hexagonal" design, is difficult to roll, and may have a non-slip effect on the floor due to the rubber coating
  • 💪【Safe and durable dumbbells】: Iron dumbbells, durable; rubber appearance, not easy to rust, not hurt the floor; steel handle, one-piece structure, ergonomic, comfortable grip, non-slip and wear-resistant
  • 💪【Dumbbells with optional weight】:Dumbbells are very heavy. If you use dumbbells of unsuitable weight, even scientific training will have little effect. Don't worry, we provide "5lb , 8lb, 10lb , 12lb, 15lb, 20lb , 25lb , 30lb , 35lb" dumbbells of various weights, so that you can choose your own dumbbell weight!
  • 💪【Wide use of dumbbells】: Due to different adaptation levels, whether it is for rehabilitation training, fitness training, aerobic exercise, strength training, weight training, jogging, Pilates or bodybuilding, dumbbells are suitable for everyone and all sports, you You can always rely on dumbbells for the perfect application scenario, we recommend that you use this kit for all sports

Package Includes:

  • 1 * Adjustable Dumbbell_HTI 


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