ZGYBY Professional Slingshot Set, Wrist Rocket Slingshot

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Description: In order to get the best muzzle velocity, you may need to adjust the length of the rubber band group according to your arm length to increase the shooting experience.

Color: Black

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  • PROFESSIONAL SLINGSHOT GROUP. This slingshot adopts a heavy craftsmanship design, the frame of the slingshot is made of alloy, and the materials and workmanship ensure that the slingshot is reliable and durable,with better quality, better quality, longer shooting distance, and more accurate shooting.
  • HIGH-QUALITY RUBBER BAND MATCHING. Thicker rubber bands increase the speed and pressure, increase the shooting distance, and increase the elasticity of the band, thereby obtaining a longer shooting distance. Improved the handle design, making it more comfortable to hold and more professional when shooting.
  • SPEED AND ACCURACY. The ergonomic handle, double springs, and strong rubber band accessories can produce greater power and higher shooting speed. The wrist rest can maintain balance when you aim at the target. The small flashlight can improve your night accuracy. Improve the chance of hitting the target.
  • APPLICATION. Exercise your concentration and improve eyesight training. It is suitable for group outdoor activities, entertainment, competitions, and hunting events, also very suitable for boutique collections.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDED: Professional slingshots×1, Replacement rubber bands×2, Screw Tools×3, Steel slingshot ammo balls×1, Hard clay balls×1, flashlight shelf×1, Small flashlight combo×1, training target paper×1

Package Includes: 

  • 1 Professional slingshot
  • 2 Replacement rubber bands
  • 3 Screw Tools
  • 1 Steel slingshot ammo balls
  • 1 Hard clay balls
  • 1 Flashlight shelf
  • 1 Small flashlight combo
  • 1 Training target paper
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