WiFi 6 Router AX1800 Mesh Voice Control.

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D-Link's EXO Wi-Fi 6 series routers delivers Wi-Fi 6 standards with dual-band speeds, capacity and range. Standards-defining OFDMA, BSS Coloring, and MU-MIMO technologies unleash future-proof performance to ensure you are always on the fastest path to the internet.The series offers five affordable models to meet your Wi-Fi needs and your Wi-Fi budget. The DIR-AX1800 model sports powerful mesh capabilities to easily expand your Wi-Fi footprint throughout your home and outdoor spaces with mesh enabled D-Link solutions (LX1870, DAP-X1870). Powerful high-gain antennas are adjustable to optimize coverage, while enhanced parental controls keep you in charge of internet time. A modular system, D-Link Wi-Fi Mesh makes it easy build your own customized mesh network with compatible D-Link extenders. Expand your coverage from the bedroom to the kitchen and even the backyard. The router and additional mesh extenders set up in minutes and are easy to manage with the free D-Link Wi-Fi app (available on Android and iOS).


  • [Next-Gen Speed and Range] Combined speeds up to 1.8 Gbps. 2.4 GHz band speeds are up to 90% faster, while 5 GHz band speeds are up to 38% faster than the equivalent 11AC router.
  • [Exceptional Capacity] Up to 4x greater capacity than Wireless-AC so more devices can connect at once.
  • [D-Link WiFi Mesh Technology] Mix-and-match with D-Link WiFi Mesh-enabled solutions to create a seamless coverage to reach every corner of your home inside and out.
  • [Made for the Smart Home] Better performance in device-dense environments. Up to 4 simultaneous streams deliver data to more devices with less latency.
  • [OFDMA] Combines multiple small packets into a single packet, so multiple devices can receive data simultaneously.

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  • 1 x Wireless Router