WANGLXFC Camping Mat Ultralight Sleeping Mat with Pillow, Self-Inflating Folding

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Description: The best choice for outdoor picnics. Many hikers strive to get a good sleep while camping. Therefore, having a comfortable sleeping pad becomes a necessity. Experience the best sleep in your life on the sleeping mat under the stars. This premium sleeping mat has many features. This sleeping mat is specially designed for camping, hiking, and backpacking.

Color: Green


  • Self-inflation and deflation: This sleeping mat will automatically inflate. You can customize the comfort and softness by just unfolding and twisting the open air valve, and it can keep air for several days after being locked
  • Independent inflatable pillow: This camping bed is equipped with an independent compressible ultra-light inflatable air pillow, allowing you to sleep anywhere without worrying about neck sprains. The height of this ergonomic pillow can be adjusted to suit customized comfort. You can even use it at home because the sleeping pad provides excellent sleep quality
  • Quick-drying and waterproof design: Made of polyester fiber on both sides Warm and comfortable, suitable for all weather and seasons. It is very suitable for ultralight backpacking, hiking, road trips, and camping in tents, cabins, cabins, and cars
  • Provide warm and relaxing sleep: The camping sleeping mat with self-inflating travel pillow is soft and elastic, not easy to deform, and fits comfortably to your body, so that you will not feel tight, keep you away from the cold and hard ground, and improve your sleep quality, let you sleep peacefully
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  • 1 Camping Sleeping Pad
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