WANFISTO Waist Trimmer for Women 2 in 1 Waist Trainer Sauna Vest

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This sweat waist trainer for women is long enough to cover the entire midsection and lower pooch. You can adjust the velcro straps and you can feel the support in the shoulders and back. The support is mild so it's not too strong where you can't bend. You can do yoga in it, and it's good for postpartum recovery as the double compression feature makes your stomach feel extra tight and it's comfortable that able to wear it all day without any discomfort.

Color: Black


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  • 2-IN-1 COMBO TO BURN FAT: Wanfisto waist trainer vest for women come as a 2-in-1 waist trimmer and sauna vest, waist trainer on this product is placed on the outer layer thus making the vest hug your waist tighter, flexible to move in and neoprene fabric help break 3 times sweat while doing sports or treadmill to speed up carolers burning
  • SWEAT VEST: Wanfisto sweat sauna suit is designed to stimulate 3x times sweat during your exercise, unique neoprene fabric aid in burning calories and belly fat by preserving body heat. Fits perfect and is tight around your body and you can start feeling the sweat building up when you do CrossFit workout, definitely doubled to tripled your sweat production!
  • COMFORTABLE, DISCREET, SUPPORTIVE: Hight quality sweatband waist shaper is comfortable to wear all day, not too thick can be worn underneath clothes. The straps and the zipper added with the Velcro provides a lot of support, also you can feel a warmth in your stomach area once zippered up.
  • YOUR SWEAT PARTNER: No matter you are doing your daily workout, walking the track, or just cleaning up and doing other duties around the house, this sweat vest for women will help you build up a good sweat, help you sweat off those extra calories to lose weight quickly.

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