wan Qin Adjustable Compact Workout Bench, Dumbbell Training Weightlifting Incline/Decline/Flat

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  The butterfly-shaped back plate protects the waist and back with a 40cm widened back plate, which fits the muscles of the human body and prevents damage during exercise. The high-quality leather case is easy to remove and wash, and the weight is 150 kg high-quality steel

Color: Black


  • Portable adjustment: high? short? fat? thin? Everything is solved, the third gear height, the fourth gear backboard adjustment, the third gear hook foot adjustment, the fourth gear knee bending adjustment
  • Foldable: easy to fold and not occupy the bottom pulley, convenient to move, improve exercise efficiency | increase fitness experience | reduce occupied space
  • Strong fitness body: the muscle groups to exercise include chest exercises, back exercises, shoulder exercises, arm exercises, leg exercises, buttocks exercises, abdominal exercises and other parts of the body to make your body more attractive

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  • 1 * Exercise Bench_HTI
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