Vertical Commercial High Speed Blender/Mixer, 4.5-Quart

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For safety purposes, the Robot Coupe BLIXER4 vertical commercial blender mixer includes a magnetic safety system, a thermal failsafe, and a motor brake. Powered by a 1.5-horsepower motor, this mixer turns ingredients into texture-modified meals in seconds.

Color: Stainless Steel


  • EASY TO USE: Featuring just 3 single-function buttons, operating the BLIXTER4 food processor is so simple. An "on" and "off" button control the unit's power, while a "pulse" option gives you a burst of power for more precise control when you need it.
  • 4.5 QUART CAPACITY BOWL: Small batches of a single ingredient or large batches of multiple ingredients are easily processed in the durable 4.5 qt. stainless steel cutter bowl.
  • EROGONOMIC HANDLE: The ergonomic handle allows you to easily install and remove the bowl from the base, as well as comfortably removing the contents by pouring or scraping.
  • SERRATED S BLADE: Fantastic for a variety of processing tasks, the serrated "S" blade that comes with the bowl assembly allows you to emulsify, mix ingredients, and chop to a coarse texture.
  • HIGH FUNCTIONAL LID: The see-through lid locks in place atop the bowl for reliable, leakproof performance. It boasts an integrated scraper assembly that uses a simple turn of the wrist to remove food from the lid and side of the bowl, helping to ensure that every bit of food is processed for a more consistent product and minimal waste.

Package Includes:

  • 1*Kitchen Blender_HTI
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