VersaTip Precision Butane Torch Kit, 14-Piece, Portable Micro Torch Mini Welder soldering iron kit

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The 2000 01 VersaTip is the ideal soldering torch for people engaged in creative and detailed projects that require precision and versatility combined with portability. It comes in a 14-piece kit that offers 7-in-1 capability. This torch kit is the ideal tool for soldering, melting, hot cutting, welding, shrinking, pyrography and paint removal. It's easy to switch the tips out as needed so you can move from one job to the other. the top capscovers the tool for safer storage and transport. The flame selector is adjustable to get the temperature that you need. Recharging is fast and easy so you can get back to work.

  • Brand Name: XMSJ
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: CE
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    • Integrated ignition trigger provides easy startup, no independent ignition tool required
    • Safety lock prevents accidental ignition
    • Flame control slider lets you select the correct temperature for the project
    • Flame lock-on provides continuous use without holding down the trigger
    • Filing valve offers quick recharge
    • 14 pieces in the butane torch kit, including 7 different tips

    Package Includes

    1X  Precision Butane Torch Kit, 14-Piece

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