Touch-Free Voice Control and Facial Recognition Time Clock.

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Elevate your workplace safety with uAttend’s DR2500: a completely touch-free and voice-controlled time clock with a built-in temperature reader! Go the extra mile to protect your workforce by scanning employees’ temperatures as part of your daily punch flow.


  • Eliminate shared surfaces with voice-controlled punching. Use simple voice commands to punch in and out for shifts, breaks, lunches, department transfers, and job tracking.
  • Manage workplace safety by scanning employees’ temperatures. Choose a temperature lockout threshold and the time clock will prevent punching for employees that meet or exceed this number.
  • Advanced facial recognition authentication eliminates the risk of buddy punching by providing quick and easy identification—even while wearing a mask!
  • Cloud-connected software automates your timekeeping from punch to payroll. View all time clock data in robust reports and export for hassle-free payroll management.
  • Affordable monthly subscription required. Includes access to the uAttend cloud and mobile app, lifetime warranty on hardware, lifetime data storage, free software upgrades, and unlimited customer and technical support Monday-Friday.

 Package Includes:

  • 1 x Employment Time Clock