Titan Fitness X-3 Series Short Bolt-Down Power Rack

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Available in 80 or 90-inch models, comes standard with (4) laser-cut steel uprights with Westside hole spacing through the bench and clean pull zone, 2-inch spacing above and below, 6-inch side hole spacing throughout entire upright, and (4) steel side bracings for optimal stability.

Color: Black


  • SIDE BRACING DEPTH: Customize your Power Rack with 24 or 36-inch depth side bracings with laser-cut holes spaced 2-inches on the center. The bracings include 7.5 x 3-inch endplates that mount 6-inches on center and are powder-coated black.
  • INCLUDED WEIGHT PLATE HOLDERS: Customize your Power Rack with X-3 Series Weight Plate Holders. Featuring 7.5 x 2-inch endplates that are bolted 6-inches on center. The sleeves provide a 49 mm diameter and support up to 11.25-inches of loadable plate length.
  • ALL-IN-ONE GYM SOLUTION: Features laser-cut holes along the sides of the uprights to allow your power rack to be compatible with a series of accessories that will squeeze every ounce out of your workout routines. Take your workouts even further and add more variety to your power rack with accessories built specifically for the X-3 Series Power Rack.

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