Timedox Silver Pro Time Clock | WiFi/LAN Fingerprint Scan Proximity Cards Silver

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Save an average of 7% on Payroll costs. Improve Workflow Efficiency, and Better Manage Employees and Your Budget with an Advanced Business Time Clock, time and attendance system, No matter if you have five employees or 20,000, staying on top of scheduling is essential when it comes to balancing pay, time off, and so much more. That is why we developed the Timedox Time Clocks for the employees that support your ability to manage rounding, overtime, vacations, and so much more; and all with more accuracy and reporting structure than ever before. Employees can punch-in on their mobile phones or remote computers. Employees and Administrators can access their reports in real-time. Lifetime Warranty and Support. Free Lifetime Upgrades. No contract, Cancel Anytime. **Time clock requires Cloud Subscription. No installation, Access from Anywhere, Anytime. Product Features: Overtime and Time Card Approval Supports Staffing and Multi-locations Check Time Card, History Hours Punch Notifications Real-Time Overtime Alerts Downloadable Time Card Information Support Multiple Pay Periods Backup Daily Unlimited Storage Flat Monthly Fee Unlimited Employees Administrator Time Clock Monitoring And more! Timedox staffing can apply to any company and employees to any time clock at any location. One time clock can serve different companies, No need to duplicate time clocks and work.

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  • Fingerprint Time Clock, Cloud Subscription Required. Employees can Punch In & Out with mobile phones or remote computers and access their reports. PIN or Biometric Access – The Silver Pro Timeclock system lets employees sign in to work via fingerprint recognition, a proximity card or a fob key for added business safety. This means no more “buddy punches” that cost you time and money.
  • Full Automation system ◊ Real-Time Data, Multi Departments and Shifts ◊ Staffing ◊ Mobile (GPS) and Remote Attendance ◊ Arrange the IN and OUT automatically to avoid human errors ◊ Maintaining compliance with labor laws ◊ Personalize employee salaried contracts ◊ Automatically deduct break times ◊ PTO Option ◊ Monitor Late/Early Attendance ◊ Shift Management ◊ Weekly And Daily Overtime Notification ◊ Paid Holidays ◊ Employee Management Rules ◊ Real-Time Accessibility ◊ Start Saving Money Today
  • Unlike most web-based Time & Attendance Solutions, Timedox charge only $29 per month, up to 15 employees per device at no additional cost & Unlimited Administrators. Need to subscribe to Cloud Service. No need to buy new computers. Lifetime Warranty & Support Included.
  • Includes free lifetime time clock replacement, unlimited access to customer support, lifetime free software upgrades, and lifetime storage of data, real time data cloud-connected time and attendance with real time data, including Overtime Alerts, and plug and play simplicity.
  • Advanced Tracking System – Each time clock machine features built-in break and punch periods, records, and other administrator settings. Using BioID Fingerprint Collector for excellent recognition rate. Dry, moist, or rough fingerprints can work well


Package Includes:

  • 1 x Employee Time Clock
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