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The KF460 Time Clock is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses (Up to 200 employees) and it brings smart and convenient to your office management. No need to set up a shift schedule and support overnight work.You can track and monitor the employee’s attendance to ensure productivity and workflow during working hours.You can view the attendance details of the employees and generate statistical reports. The report for all the employees appears one by one.This automated device greatly reduces the computational errors and transcriptional errors thus facilitating hassle-free attendance calculation. KF460 is an innovative terminal for managing employee attendance and basic access control functions. User verification is performed using face recognition or password. The verification process takes less than 2 seconds. With Wi-Fi function, it saves you from costly network wiring installation. Within the same 2.4g WIFI network, you can easily set up the device, enroll users, check the record and download the time report through NGTeco Time APP or USB. KF460 is an innovative time & attendance terminal for easy employee management. The terminal performs speedy and accurate facial recognition and password verification in less than 3 second. The user-friendly UI provides customers with a quick and straightforward experience. Data could be transfered via Wi-Fi, TCP/IP or USB.If you simply need an easy way to track employee arrivals and departures, without a lot of complicated setup, the Fingerprint clock from NGTeco may be just the time tracking solution you've been looking for.

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  • Touch-Free Auto In and Out Time Clock - In the automatic mode, the time card machine will be updated automatically based on the previous punch state of the user. non-contact clocking greatly reduces the hidden danger of contact infection caused by the epidemic. With no In/out Keys to press, employees simply look at the terminal to clock in and out using facial recognition. Audible beep, and employee name, and photo display on-screen to confirm successful punch.
  • Upgraded Face Recognition Time Clock - NGTeco facial biometric time clock has a flexible schedule. No need to set up a shift schedule and support overnight work. It can store up to 2000 User Photos and 100,000 record capacity. It is perfect for small and mid-sized businesses with a maximum of 200 employees. The face template is only stored locally on the machine and will not be uploaded online to protect the privacy of employees.
  • Eliminate Time Cards and Fingerprint Rejection Rates - Green office environment without paper time cards to avoid record data by hand. Unlimited punches per day, employees can clock in and out as many times as needed. eliminate high fingerprint rejection rates with Automatic Face Recognition. You can easily set up pay period, attendance rule, register users, add /edit missing punches, and download time reports from NGTeco Time App (Note: Please connect to the same 2.4G Wi-Fi of the device)
  • Auto and Accurate Hours Calculations - No need to spend time calculating hours by hand, employee hours are totaled automatically. Reminder: Manually recalculate the total working hours if you modify the table data. The employee time attendance clock has built-in software that enables shift and data management, it meets your business needs by scheduling a weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly pay period.
  • Retains Data Even If The Power Is Lost - The punch card time clock features a quick setup, with no complicated network configuration. Can clock in/out normally even without wifi. Built-in backup protects the time data (including punch time report and employee details) in the event of power loss. No need to reset the time recorder and never worry about data loss again.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee - Works right out of the box with No Monthly Fees, No Contract Fees, No Software Fees. Automatically change daylight saving time or Leap Years without reprogramming. Easy to hang on the wall. We will provide a One Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty and Free Lifetime USA Technical Support. Please feel free to contact us at: (770) 800-2321.


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