Tabbic ABS Stimulator, USB Rechargeable Portable Fitness Workout Equipment without Gel Pads for Men Woman

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The principle of EMS fitness is to transfer the current signal to your muscle directly, The human body recognizes these current signals as human bio-electricity signals. The signal can stimulate muscle contraction and achieve the purpose of reducing fat and slimming.

Color: Black


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  • 【Powerful & Efficient】ABS Belt is designed for abdominal, arm, leg, hip, and waist muscle training, with 20-minutes equivalent to 120 minutes of muscle training in the gym. The ABS stimulator has 12 modes and 20 intensity levels, you can use this for high-intensity muscle training, or relax comfortably.
  • 【Convenient and Compact】It’s ultra-light, ultra-thin, and wearable, the ABS Stimulator can be worn under clothes, it's perfect for reading, watching movies, doing housework, and even training muscles in business or leisure. This ABS stimulator can be used anytime & anywhere because it's small enough to be put easily into a bag or briefcase. Maximum applicable waist 43 inches
  • 【No Consumables】No need to replace the gel pads.No consumables are required. ABS uses high-quality material electrode pads that you never need replacement. It can be used directly.

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  • 1 *  Abs Stimulator
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