Synergee Battle Rope with Wall Anchor & Protective Sleeve. 1.5” Diameter and 30’ Long.

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We have created professional-grade Battle Ropes that will give you a rockin’ full-body workout. Our Ropes are made from durable Poly Dacron materials, and each rope is comprised of 3 tough strands twisted together for increased resiliency. Plus it comes with a Nylon Rope Protector. AND the handles are shrink-wrapped to keep the ends from fraying and provide your hands a great grip. In conclusion, this gear sports an exceptional lifespan!

Color: White


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  • ★ SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE ★ – Workouts that are simple & effective stand the test of time. Battle ropes broke into the fitness world years ago, and they are here to stay. Exercise Experts refer to Battle Rope Exercises as “running for the upper body” – but with this type of “running”, you get to wave, whip, and slam big ropes around! Which is way more fun.
  • ★ CONSTANTLY VARIED WORKOUTS ★ – You will never get bored with these Training Ropes. These ropes have been used for football training, mixed martial arts, CrossFit, and any other exercise program that runs on high-intensity, whole-body Strength and Conditioning training. Wave, Slam, Thrust, Toss, Squat, and more with these Battle Ropes!
  • ★ WHAT'S IN THE PACKAGE ★ – This package includes everything you need for a full-body, battle rope exercise. This pack includes (1) 1.5” thick, 30 foot long rope; (1) Mount Kit, with bolts for Cement and Wood Anchor Points; (1) Protective Sleeve (on rope), with extra layer for an anchor point.

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  • 1 *  Fitness Battle Rope
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