Sxdthy LED Solar Lantern, Outdoor Camping Light, Tent Light, Camping Light, Super Bright

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Description: Bulb: High power 36/60/63LED Battery: 3.7V1200-2200 sets of batteries Lighting time: continuous power supply for more than 15-30 hours Brightness: 100W lamp cannon brightness, super bright Charger: Direct charging with car charger, direct charging by hand crank Weight: about 850 grams, Single box volume: 12.5*14*26 5cm Switch type: push button switch


  • The LED has an extraordinary service life, 100,000 hours of life, and the trouble of replacing the lamp holder, solar panels, ultra-power saving, LED ultra-low energy consumption.
  • The black part of the exterior is made of rubber spray technology, which is very comfortable to the touch, beautiful, stylish, and generous.
  • The design of astigmatism at both ends makes the light evenly distributed in every corner of the tent.
  • Ultra-high brightness, environmentally friendly camping lamp, the black part of the exterior adopts frosting technology, and the hand feels very comfortable
  • Beautiful appearance, fashionable and generous. Choosing this product will make your work, life, study, travel, and night fishing more convenient and free.

EAN: 9992600492327

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  • 1 Camping Light & Lantern
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