Svyaxfa Slingshot Professional Slingshots Set for Adult Hunting Powerful Stainless Steel

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Description: Outstanding Quality slingshot with laser sight Set, Friendly Customer Service, 100% Return Guarantee. Order one now and you will have a very fun and satisfying experience. 

Color: slingshot

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  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE: Recurve-designed handles well-made professional slingshot. Red rosewood pure solid wood handle is very gorgeous. The rounded recurve design is more ergonomic, fits right in your hand nicely, makes the slingshot which fits tightly on the palm and feels more natural and comfortable, full of strength. Non-slip, make easy to hold and shoot.
  • MECHANICAL SIGHT: Adjustable mechanical aiming for left and right, suitable for people with different grasping habits. Clearly, fiber optic aiming point helps a quick shoot learning .laser slingshot with laser sight can aim the targets in the dark, It is easily and accurately to lock and hit the target
  • HIGH QUALITY: 304 stainless steel Slingshots Head corrosion and scratch resistance, very sturdy and durable. 0.5in thick steel has a nice weight and balance to it. Integrated shaping process, CNC engraving sight,hand-finished and polished, the round edge does not hurt the hand. Well-made thick band clamps and angled fork tips to prevent band friction, will not damage band sets.
  • EASY TO INSTALL AND USE: Pressure sheet design makes it easy to install or take off the rubber bands. It holds the bands tightly, gives accurate and high-velocity shooting.

Package Includes: 

  • Slingshot × 1;0.75mm thickness Replacement rubber slingshot bands 
  • 3,1.5mm thickness Replacement rubber slingshot bands × 1;
  • Mechanical sighting device × 2,
  • laser light×1;
  • High-quality slingshot storage bag×1.
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