Stainless Steel Rotisserie Roaster, Rated 88 LB, Electric Grill, Roast,

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The rotisserie stand comes equipped with a 13-Watt electric motor that allows the spit rod to spin itself at a speed of 2.7 RPM. This grill also adjusts to 4 different tiers.


  • HEAVY-DUTY SPIT ROD: The 48-inch dual 8-inch-long prong spit rod can roast pigs, lamb, chicken, turkey, pork shoulders, or anything that weighs up to 88-pounds. In addition, the leg brackets and spine fork will help hold the meat onto the spit rod.
  • CHARCOAL CHAMBER: The vertical stainless-steel charcoal chamber is built strong with the highest-quality materials. Bolted to the enclosure are two stationary grates and one adjustable grate to fill and clean out the chamber. Additionally, there is a removable ash pan under the charcoal chamber to collect fallen coals.
  • HEALTHIER TIME SAVER: The reflective stainless steel surface helps direct the heat from the coals to the meat, cutting down cooking time, saving coals, and adding a healthier flavor as all the fat drains to the bottom tray, so you get saucy, tender meat instead of greasy roasts.
  • DIMENSIONS: The roaster weighs 90-pounds and has an overall height of 35.43-inches, a width of 54.33-inches, and a depth of 20-inches. The roaster comes equipped with a 44.5 by 9.5-inch drip pan to catch the drained fat. Additionally, the implement provides (4) easy-to-move swivel locking caster wheels.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Office Electric Outdoor Grill


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