Smoothie Maker, Large Capacity 2200W High Power Blender

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This one is easy to clean and compact for on-the-go. A smoothie blender is a portable blender for personal use. The blender is easy to clean, so you can enjoy guilt-free smoothies. A smoothie blender is a great tool for juicing, blending fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and more.


  • [Large Capacity]: Suitable for any time of day, this powerful blender is specially designed for your busy life. Are you looking for a blender that can make smoothies on the go? nothing else needed. This blender is compact, portable and has an extra-large capacity.
  • [Easy to Clean]: Every family needs a smoothie blender. 
  • [Bass Run]: Anytime, anywhere, from busy professionals to busy moms. This product is perfect for busy people making their own smoothies. The blender is ready to use and you can press the power button to turn the blender on or off. This is an electric blender.
  • [High Temperature Resistance]: The personal blender is so small and powerful, it is perfect for making smoothies on the go. This personal blender is the perfect size for your morning smoothie and is designed with a heat-resistant jar to hold heat-sensitive ingredients like frozen fruit and other cold foods.
  • [Powerful Power]: This blender is perfect for making smoothies on the go. It has a powerful motor and a compact design for easy storage. Equipped with a powerful motor and powerful blades for mixing, blending and mud making.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Office Blender
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