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A SMARTER WAY TO WATCH YOUR WEIGHT Your weight is part of the equation, but that’s not the whole story of your health. If you want to know what’s really going on inside your body, KoreScale will show you. Our cutting-edge smart weight scale uses advanced Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology to scan and break down every aspect of your fitness. KORESCALE KEEPS YOU MOTIVATED Fitness is a journey and whether your goal is to bulk up or slim down, results take time. Just because your weight isn’t changing, it doesn’t mean you’re not improving. KoreScale shows you all the ways you’re making progress by tracking 11 key health metrics: Weight BMI Body fat BMR Visceral fat Body water Skeletal muscle Muscle mass Bone mass Protein Metabolic Age Every weigh-in is automatically stored and graphed in the KoreScale smartphone app, making it easier to set goals and achieve them. KoreScale can even be paired with other fitness apps like Google Fit, giving you more ways to track your progress. KoreScale uses high-precision biometric sensors to measure your body with incredible accuracy — so you can feel confident with your results and be proud of your progress. BMI – Body Mass Index helps put your weight in perspective with your body type and tells you if you’re at risk for conditions like heart disease

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  • HEALTH TRACKER AND ELECTRONIC BODY SCALE - Want to know what's going on in your body? Just step on these accurate scales for body weight. Unlike other bathroom scales for weight, our weigh scale will read your important vitals. The KoreScale digital scale does more than your ordinary bathroom weight scale. It's a biometric scanner with accurate info for a smart balance to fit your workout goals. As a body analyzer scale, it works as a weight loss scale, BMI scale, and more.
  • WIRELESS BLUETOOTH SCALE WEIGHT - Track your progress, easily understand your results, and monitor your weight loss or muscle gain in one place using the KoreScale app. The app is compatible with smartphones and is Bluetooth enabled. Unlike regular home scales for body weight, KoreScale bath scale will automatically store your results. It can act as a health tracker or digital planner to keep you informed 24/7. A scale for weight only provides one reading, this is a full body composition scale.
  • DIGITAL WEIGHT SCALE MEASURES HEALTH, COMPOSITION, AND METRICS - This is no ordinary weighing scale. With our home scale, you can unlock important information about your body. Aside from reading weight, our electric scale for body weight also measures BMI, body fat, visceral fat, water levels, skeletal and regular muscle mass, bone mass, protein levels, and metabolic age. Know your body better with the best weight scale of this year, the KoreScale Scale!
  • ELECTRONIC SCALES FOR BODY WEIGHT HELP YOU REACH YOUR FITNESS GOALS - Your health and fitness is determined by more than just your body weight; it’s about knowing which metrics to monitor. Our bmi weight scale gives you the information that really matters. Monitor your health and adjust your workout to achieve better results using our accurate bathroom scale. Whether you're trying to lose weight or improve your fitness, our body weight scales are the perfect addition to your health regime.
  • EXERCISE RIGHT WITH THE BEST SCALES FOR BODY WEIGHT - Take your home workout to the next level with the most accurate scale on the health market. Track your progress better with a bodyweight scale that measures body weight, body fat loss, and more. KoreScale is more than just a weight measure device, it's a wireless monitor and tracking device for important vitals. Along with your home weights and workout gear, this digital body scale weight will help you to reach your goals faster.

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