Slingshots for Hunting Adults Wrist Rocket Professional Tactical Stainless Steel

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Description: EASE OF USE AND ACCURACY. Slingshots for Adults and Beginners, Professional Slingshots Can Be Used to Practice Recreational Hunting Self-Defense and Outdoor Survival. Very Suitable for Eye and Attention Training Can Exercise The Tension and Stability of The Arm.

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  • SLINGSHOTS FOR ADULTS: You Can Use Just About Anything As Long As It's Small Enough for The Pocket to Chase Away Feral Cats Squirrels without Hurting Them and Can Shoot Dried Chickpeas at Pigeons Hogging the Bird Feeder. It Can Kill Animals Like Birds, Rabbits and Squirrels, However, Not All States or Jurisdiction Allow for The Use of Slingshot to Hunt Small Game, Please Check Your Local Game Laws and Practice Ethical Hunting.
  • STAINLESS STEEL CATAPULT: The Main Body Made of 304 Stainless Steel Keeps The Slingshot Durable, Don't Worry About It Ever Breaking., It Shoots Really Far with Real Force. The Grip of The Handle is Cut Nicely to Fit in Your Hand, Comfortable and Easy to Hold for Both Kids and Adults. High-Quality Rubber Bands with Faux-leather Pocket for Holding Ammunition, Which Give You Strong Drawing Force and Good Positioning. Concentrating Your Strength, Make Hunting Slingshot More Powerful.
  • WEAPONS FOR KIDS: When Use As Kids Hunting Toy, Must Be Under The Supervision Of Adults.
  • HUNTING TARGETS & ACCESSORIES: Buy a Plastic, Metal Hunting Target, or Practice on Cans, The Best is Buy a Slingshot Target Box Which Can Recycle The Ammo.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDE:1 Slingshot,2 Flat Bands,2 Tubular Bands,1 Ammo Bag,100 Slingshot Ammon. tubular rubber bands are always used for practice which can put about 400-500 rounds, Flat Bands can put about 200 rounds,TRY NOT SHOT WITHOUT AMMO.

EAN: 0761596993786

Package Includes: 

  • 1 Slingshot
  • 2 Flat Bands
  • 2 Tubular Bands
  • 1 Ammo Bag
  • 100 Slingshot Ammon
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