Shopping Cart with Reusable and Foldable 3 Shopping Bags Easy

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Green Cart is a new patent protected shopping cart with 3 Spacious bags from recyclable materials can hold all your groceries and be carried very easily to your car or home, avoiding the need to carry numerous plastic bags which are not environment friendly. Perfect solution for hygiene during the pandemic! A simple folding shopping cart allows you to place the cart in any corner without taking up your space

Color: Silver Frame + 3 Green Baskets


  • Compact & Lightweight: Easy assembly, this foldable rolling cart is the perfect size for any household. Lightweight yet sturdy, the utility cart can fit oodles of items, up to 100 lbs. Better yet, this cart is engineered to fold flat so it won’t take up valuable room in your house or apartment. Functional and efficient design are two of our main priorities at GreenCart with wheels.
  • Pandemic Solution: Our GreenCart is a great solution in these unprecedent times. You own the grocery carts for groceries, hence you don’t need to touch rolling carts used by other people that have visited the grocery store before you.
  • Folding Design: Our metal collapsible rolling utility cart folds flat allowing you to easily store it anywhere you want. Thanks to its lightweight and foldable shopping cart, it’s perfect for use on the go. This foldable shopping cart with wheels is small enough to easily fit inside your car’s trunk making it perfect for use when shopping.
  • Room Saving Grocery Cart: Our engineers designed this fold-able storage cart with 3 bags, to separate the groceries according to your preference and the ease of carry the bags to your car and to your kitchen, The thermo bag will keep your cold and frozen products till you reach home. Also the bags drastically reduce the usage of plastic bags and keep our environment cleaner from paper shopping bags.
  • High Quality: This rolling storage cart made of high-quality durable Aluminum. It has Antirust Humanized extended foam cover on handrail, soft and non-slip comfortable handle. This lightweight and sturdy folding shopping cart with shopping bags isn’t just for shopping in groceries stores. Our heavy duty green cart makes for a more practical and efficient alternative to laundry baskets, grocery carts, and more.

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  • 1 * Office Folding Shopping Cart
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