San Jamar CBG1824KC 6 Piece Saf-T-Grip Co-Polymer Board System Set with Color

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Saf T-grip cutting boards combine the quality of Cut-N-Carry cutting boards with integrated anti slip grips to provide a safe cutting surface without using the unsanitary wet towel method. 

Color: Assorted


  • Anti-Slip Corners – Molded through rubberized corners securely grip counters preventing sudden board movement reducing the potential for injury
  • Food Safety Hook – Patented food safety hook provides sanitary transportation and allows board to securely hang when storing
  • Molded in Ruler – Integrated ruler ensures even cutting for easy portion control and cost savings
  • Durable Construction – Unique co-polymer material withstands continual washing in high-temperature commercial dishwashers without warping
  • HACCP Color-Coding – Available in HACCP color-coding colors designed to minimize cross-contamination by designating each color for a specific task

Package Includes:

  • 1*Kitchen Cutting Board
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