RPNB Deluxe Home Safe and Lock Box Touch Screen Biometric Fingerprint Black

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Lock your valuables securely in our RPNB safe. Safe volume of 2.8 cubic feet,which can accommodate a variety of goods,including passport,cash, money,jewelry and etc. Whether leaveing for a lng journey or going to work all day.Use touchscreen keypad to easily PRGRAM your passcode, REGITER or DELETE users' fingerprints on device. LED display and English voice prompt will walk you through programming master code and registering fingerprints. Touch the screen to wake up the system.After setting the Vibration Alarm function, once the safe is shaken violently, or the passcode is entered incorrectly 3 times, the home security safe will alert with loud audio sound, loud enough that everyone in the room can hear it. After the alarm is deactivated, you need to reset it.Type-C receiving jack at the side of touchscreen is used in case the batteries are depleted or you cannot find the backup keys. Unlock your home safe using a USB Type-C cable (not included) when it is out of power.The handle is designed with the fingerprint sensor, pressing your finger while holding the handle to unlock the safe within 1 second. Faster and more convenient than using traditional key and more secure with your own unique biometric identification.


  • Security & Durable Design : RPNB home safe is made of anti-theft solid steel, heavier than 80 lbs, equipped with pry-resistant 5mm thicken solid door, 3-way large solid steel live-locking bolts and anti-impact hinges for the ultimate prevention against unauthorized users and ensure that your valuables in your home or office are safe and secure. It also features a durable powder coated finishing to prevent corrosion and ensure long lasting protection for the security box
  • One-Touch Unlock System : RPNB security safe box is equipped with smart touchscreen panel and advance biometric fingerprint recognition system. The handle is designed with the fingerprint sensor, pressing your finger while holding the handle to unlock the safe within 1 second. 4 ways to open the biometric safe just according to your different needs
  • Two-Factor Authentication : Super high secure to avoid unauthorized access to your safe. Once you have 2FA set up, you are required to enter both a valid passcode and registered fingerprint to access. This updated system setup will provide a double protection to your safe
  • Dual Warning Alarm & Silence Mode : Tamper and motion sensitive alarm. An security alarm will be triggered for 1 minute if the passcode is entered incorrectly 3 times or if the safe is shaken violently. After setting up the Silence Mode, the sound of the electronics can be muted for silent entry
  • High Capacity & Interior Light : Large size of 2.8 cubic feet, with interior box and the removable shelf an be removed to enlarge storage space. The money safe is perfect for protecting your cash, jewelry, important documents and valuables. The LED interior light will automatically light up when the door is opened each time. If you have any questions or difficulties, please contact us, we'll be glad to help you

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Security Safes