Rep V2 Battle Ropes - PolyDacron Battle Rope for Strength and Conditioning Workouts

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Get a full-body workout with a focus on increasing muscular endurance and cardiovascular conditioning. This essential conditioning tool will also help you develop a superior range of motion which can reduce the risk of injury. Grab one today and start building functional, real-world strength.

Color: Red


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  • NO MORE FRAYED ROPES!: Our battle rope gives you great whip action along with abrasion resistance thanks to a tough, tubular nylon sleeve. The highly durable covering protects against friction damage and keeps dirt from getting in the rope, increasing the life span significantly. Plus, the black color makes dirt less visible and keeps your rope looking new longer.
  • THE RIGHT ROPE FOR YOU: With 3 different lengths and 2 thicknesses, we've got a rope for every need. A 1.5" diameter is good for general fitness, while a 2” is for those who want a very tough grip workout. Shorter ropes are great for beginners or home gyms, while 50' is the most common length for a boxing gym
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: The poly dacron, has 3 twists of braided rope to provide the best flexibility, feel, and wave action. Heat-shrink ends keep rope wound tightly and make a convenient non-slip grip.

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