QSJY Key Lock Box Key Cabinet, 96 Card Portable Wall Mount Dual-use Key Security Locker (Aluminum Alloy) 63.5×40.9×5.6CM

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Brand: QSJY


  • 96 card position key box: thick management box, key cabinet, real estate agency hotel wall-mounted storage box.
  • Applications: home, hospital, real estate, corporate, school, factory, hotel.
  • Aluminum edging: can be hung on the wall, solid structure, with lock classification management.
  • 96(63.5×40.9×5.6CM).

Details: Product: Key cabinet Material: Aluminum alloy Size: 63.5×40.9×5.6CM Additional features: Wall-mounted portable dual-use Package Included: 1PCS Key cabinet lock box 2PCS Keys

EAN: 6901062252021

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