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NON-ELECTRIC CLIP ON BIDET FOR BETTER PERSONAL HYGIENE - Enjoy a refreshing sensation and a more thorough clean every time you sit on the toilet with the Blaux attachable bidet toilet seat. Unlike an electric handheld bidet, our butt washer for toilet relies on water pressure rather than electricity to generate a strong but gentle stream of water for front and rear cleaning. No battery or plugin required. A high-quality wireless bidet attachment dual nozzle for optimal bum hygiene.


  • TOILET BIDET SPRAYER WITH 4 PRESSURE OPTIONS FOR FRONT AND REAR CLEANSING - An adjustable dual nozzle bidet system for a superior cleansing experience. Each butt cleaner for toilet features two separate toilet hoses for front and rear cleansing, both controlled by an adjustable handle that goes from soft to strong. Just turn the toilet water sprayer knob to your desired angle for a more comfortable experience.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY BIDET TOILET ATTACHMENT REDUCES TOILET PAPER USE - Blaux Bidet is a cleaner, greener alternative to toilet paper. Massively reduce your toilet paper consumption, save money, and experience a gentler, more thorough clean with this advanced toilet sprayer bidet. A simple bidet sprayer for toilet seat that's easy on your wallet and the planet. Usable as a toilet shower spray, bidet toilet attachment sprayer, nonelectric bidet, and more.
  • SLIM, LUXURY TOILET BIDET ATTACHMENT MADE FROM STRONG ABS PLASTIC – With a sleek design and high-quality parts, our toilet seat bidet will make your bathroom aesthetic stand out. Unlike bottle and manual hand held bidets, our attachable bidet for toilet is constructed with ultra-strong ABS plastic that is easy to clean and durable, so keeping it in tip-top condition is a breeze.
  • UNIVERSAL BIDET FOR TOILET INCLUDES BIDET & BIDET PARTS FOR DIY INSTALL - Each home bidet kit includes all the parts to get your toilet washer up and running. No bidet add on, bidet extension, or accessories needed. Blaux cleanse toilet washer spray easily attaches to and detaches from almost any existing toilet seat in minutes, making it suitable for every bathroom design.

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