PowerXL Boost Blender Plus™ 4 Speed, 800 Watts, 48-oz Glass Jar, Black

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From PowerXL™ the Boost Blender Plus™ brings smooth, consistent blending up to 50% faster to your kitchen countertop*. Powerful Blade Boost™ Technology allows you to blend faster without the need to stop and stir. Simply press down on the jar to raise the blade height. This creates a powerful vortex that pulls ingredients into the blade to break though food and pesky air pockets. With four speeds, including two pulse settings and 800-watts of peak ice-crushing power, the Boost Blender Plus? excels at a variety of meal-making tasks. Whether you're creating smooth soup purees, blending fruit smoothies, or crushing ice for frozen drinks, it's easy to control the texture by changing the setting in just one press. The 6-cup capacity glass blending jar features a Perfect Pour™ spout plus a lid with built-in ingredient slot and measuring cap for convenient blending and serving. After you're finished, the removable parts clean up easily in the dishwasher.

  • Brand Name: HAOYUNMA
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Capacity (l): 0.8-1.1L
  • Certification: CE
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    • PowerXL Boost Blender Plus brings speed, convenience, and versatility to your everyday blending tasks
    • Blade Boost Technology blends up to 50% faster*. Quickly blend and power through ingredients and air pockets without the need to stop and stir, or shake the jar, to unclog
    • 4 Speeds + Pulse: customize & control different textures from blending shakes and pureeing soups to crushing ice
    • 800 Watts Peak Power** - Powerful ice crushing
    • 4-Tip Stainless Steel Blade: creates a high-speed vortex that pulls ingredients directly into blades for faster blending and seamless performance
    • 6-Cup (48-oz) Blending Jar: Quickly blend ingredients to create multiple servings of smoothies, frozen drinks, purees & more. The spout is designed for spill-free pouring.
    • Convenient Cord Storage helps keep countertops clutter-free
    • Removable parts are dishwasher-safe 
    • Includes: 48 oz blending jar with stainless steel blade, appliance base, and recipes

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    1X PowerXL Boost Blender Plus™ 4 Speed, 800 Watts, 48-oz Glass Jar, Black


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