Power Strip Tower with 14 Outlets & 4 USB Slots + Surge Protector.

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PRODUCT A: Surge Protector Tower with 14 Outlets & 4 USB Slots AC Outlets Quantity: 14 USB Slots Quantity: 4 USB Output: 2.1A/port. 4.2A in total Cable Length: 6.5FT Spin extension cord PRODUCT B: Surge Protector Tower with 10 Outlets & 4 USB Slots AC Outlets Quantity: 10 USB Slots Quantity: 4 USB Output: 2.1A/port. 4.2A in total Cable Length: 6.5FT Spin extension cord.

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  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY: This power strip surge protector tower ( rated current 13A) is designed for worldwide voltages: 110V-240V. It will automatically adapt to the voltage it is used under. Normally, the voltage used in the United State is 125V, so your rated wattage is 125V x 13A =1625W.(Calculation Formula: P=UI.) This vertical power strip tower with wide voltage compatibility, max wattage up to 3120W, absolutely meets your need!
  • UPGRADED USB PORT DESIGN: Our 3-prong plug power strip tower has a double layer USB port special design. 0-2.1A/port, 4.2A in total. With smart IC technology, the USB slots are able to detect the plugged devices and automatically provide them the fastest possible yet safe charging current within the output capability. This USB power bar can charge 4 iPhones, or 2 iPhones+1 iPad plus, or 2 iPads at a time! (iPhone: 5V 1A; iPad: 5V 2.1A)
  • SAFETY GUARANTEE: With fire-proof material ABS+PC, this USB multi-outlet surge protector will not catch fire even if being burned. Internally it is built with multiple protection for you and your devices including surge protection (900J), overload protection, and over-current protection. The red bottom switch will pop up to cut off power when it overloads or shorts. Unplug all devices and press it down to reset the power strip tower.
  • ENERGY SAVING: On each of the 3 layers there is an independent button switch to power on/off the outlets in that layer and an LED indicator to display the working status. This multiple socket outlet saves much power and the effort of plugging and unplugging by simply pressing the button switches on and off.
  •  SPACE SAVING: The innovative tower shape utilizes the vertical space and allocates the outlets evenly on four sides with them wide-spaced, which is perfect even for large and bulky power plugs and adapters. Another space-saving design is the retractable 6.5ft extension cord in the charging tower base, with which you can pull out the needed length and leave the rest inside for better balance.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Power Tower Outlet
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