Podium,Transparent Lectern with Wide Reading Surface,

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The podium is made of transparent acrylic material, with good gloss and light weight. But high strength, impact resistance, not easy to break. Long-term use is not easy to yellow, durable and easy to clean.

Color: Clear


  • [Tilt table top]The portable podium has a large inclined display surface of 60*45cm, which has good stability and strong bearing capacity. Holds paper, books or reading materials etc. and has a lip to prevent falling.
  • [Applicable scene] Acrylic podium is widely used in churches, weddings, lecture halls, press conferences, schools, conference rooms and restaurants, etc.; there is a layer of storage board in the middle of the podium, which can store your scattered items, practical and portable, so that your Speech is more convenient.
  • [Easy Installation]The podium is very convenient to install and can be easily assembled using the provided assembly screws. You can easily fix the base and reading surface immediately; the bottom is thicker and wider, and it is not easy to shake when using.
  • [Boost Confidence]If you are tired of looking like an amateur during presentations, you can boost your confidence and stand in front of office podiums and podiums. Your next best presentation is waiting for you!


Package Includes:

  • 1 x Office Lectern & Podium
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