Plankpad PRO - Full Body Fitness and Ab-Trainer with Training App for iOS and Android

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The Plankpad balance board is the perfect training device to train your entire body. It gets you into shape while burning fat and build muscles fast and effectively. Thanks to the Plankpad in combination with the fitting training app, the plank exercise becomes more dynamic and makes much more fun. Since the focus is on the games during training, you will forget the time, last longer and you will achieve faster training results.

Color: walnut


  • FIT IN A FEW MINUTES A DAY: The plank workout is one of the most effective exercises. Core training strengthens many important muscle groups at the same time as the abs and back. You build muscle quickly, burn fat, get fit and prevent back pain,
  • FULL-BODY TRAINING WITH FUN FACTOR: The Plankpad is more than a fitness device. In combination with the synchronized app, the balance board combines the workout with games. Your body becomes the controller and the movement controls the games. The plank exercise becomes more dynamic, more muscle groups are addressed and the games distract from the effort.
  • PLAY GAMES & TRAIN ALL MUSCLES: With the full-body trainer, you train all important muscle groups, arms, shoulders, back, abs, glutes and legs simultaneously and with high efficiency using the plank workouts.
  • ALSO GREAT AS A BALANCE BOARD: It doesn't always have to be the plank exercise. The Plankpad can also be used as a balance board. So you playfully strengthen your posture, deep muscles, responsiveness, motor coordination with the wobble board, and even lose weight. Connecting to a smart TV is even fun for the whole family.
  • SCOPE OF DELIVERY: Plankpad PRO, anti-slip mat, manual, Plank workout poster, and incl. Plankpad app with many games and workouts for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices for an interactive full-body workout.

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