Energy Efficient Induction Cooktop with 8” Heating Coil,

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Precision Induction Cooktop Gold (PIC Gold) offers precise temperature control with the simple press of a button. With an expansive temperature range,

Color: Black

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  • PRECISE TEMPERATURE CONTROL – Sear a steak at 575°F, keep sauces warm at 100°F, or select from 52 precise temperature settings with the simple press of a button.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT – By generating heat directly in the cookware itself, the PIC Gold can cook safer, faster and more efficiently than traditional stovetops and with a hotter surface temperature than other induction cooktops, all without overheating thanks to the 7-blade cooling fan.
  • PORTABLE COOKING CAPABILITIES – With a lightweight, compact design and adjustable wattage control, the PIC Gold lets you cook virtually anywhere without sacrificing any of its precise temperature control.
  • ADVANCED INDUCTION TECHNOLOGY – The 8-inch induction heating coil generates heat directly in your cookware quickly and evenly, ensuring no hot or cold spots for a better cooking experience.
  • SAFE COOKING FEATURES – By cooking with no open flames or hot coils, the PIC Gold greatly reduces the risk of accidental burns. The patented thermal fuses ensure the PIC Gold never exceeds the maximum temperature. And with an automatic shutoff, the cooktop will turn itself off once you remove your cookware, or the built-in timer runs out.


Package Includes:

  • 1 x Office Portable Hot Plate
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