NESCO FD-41B 400-Watt Snackmaster Jr. Dehydrator

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Designed for small-space living, the NESCO Snackmaster Jr. helps make healthy snacking less expensive and more convenient. This unique dehydrator is both stylish and small enough to become a permanent counter appliance in any kitchen. The compact design accommodates smaller batches that help eliminate waste, while the all-metal interior efficiently retains heat for shorter drying times. 4 mesh trays provide the ideal amount of drying area for making fresh snacks that last 1 or 2 people a few days. This dehydrator features a digital LED display with easy-to-use time-and-temperature controls that offer the versatility and precision needed for drying a variety of foods. The temperature control cycles on and off to maintain precise heat, ranging from 95deg F to 175deg F, ideal for everything from drying herbs to making jerky. Simply pick your favorite meat or fruit and get creative with wholesome ingredients. The viewing window means you can keep an eye on the drying process easily without opening the door, ensuring that foods are dehydrated to their optimal crispness quicker, saving time and money. A metallic drip tray for catching unwanted liquids is included for faster cleanup. The small and powerful NESCO Snackmaster Jr. is the ideal-sized kitchen addition for creating healthy homemade snacks that everyone will enjoy.


  • 400 Watts Of Drying Power
  • Provides Even Heat Distribution
  • Food Dehydrator For Smaller Quantities

Package Includes

 1X 400-Watt Snackmaster Jr. Dehydrator

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