MINGYAN Fitness Dumbbells Dumbbells Barbell Set, Adjustable Weight, Home Fitness Equipment

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The MINGYAN Dumbbells are widely used in the gym and at home for a variety of exercise purposes and are a great tool for a full body workout or specific muscle groups. A new type of iron-clad dumbbell. 1000 degree baking varnish process, smaller size, no rust, real materials, black and yellow matching is more beautiful!

Color: Yellow & Black


  • New corn-shaped dumbbell bar. It adopts non-slip design, ergonomic grip and excellent hand feeling.
  • Upgrade the anti-loosing rubber gasket nut. The newly upgraded anti-loose rubber pad and nut match make the dumbbells more stable.
  • Ten-level drop resistance, protect the floor. It is safe and tasteless, environmentally friendly and silent, real materials on the inside, and safe on the outside, because we have dumbbell protective covers, dumbbells inside and rubber covers outside.

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  • 1 * Barbell Set
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