LIYINGY UL Carbon Fishing Pole Wt 1-8g Wooden Handle Solid Tip Ultralight Casting

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Description: Solid rod designed, Improve the sensitivity of the fishing rod and increase its durability Three-dimensional carbon fiber winding: improves the firmness of the rod, increases the quality of the rod, and makes the rod more advanced. Top quality wooden Handle, it feels better, and it can be used all year round in freshwater. It is very suitable as a fishing gift for a father, boyfriend, fiance, and husband.


  • Length: 1.8m
  • Closed Length: 95cm
  • Tip-This rod is equipped with one strength tip, MH tune , which can support 80-250g lure weight。
  • High Strength Ceramic- the guide is equipped with high-strength ceramic which is smoother and more durable than normal guides.
  • EVA Handle-Made of high-density EVA material, taken with high-grade gray color,feels better and hand more suitable, and it can be used all year round in saltwater。

EAN: 1287682663023

Package Includes: 

  • 1 pcs * Rod Handle Section
  • 1 pcs * Tips Section
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