KAPOHU 1.98m/2.1m/2.4m IM8 Carbon Casting Fishing Rod Lure Rod Wood Root Handle

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Description: Fishing Rods, Fishing Rods, Opting for Lightweight Rods is the best choice for fishing enthusiasts on their day of fishing. The fishing rod is strong enough, straight up will not fall, the center of gravity is backward, straight and powerful, the entry point is accurate, and the flying fish is fast. Good fishing rod, fishing hard, not afraid of big fish. The shape is impeccable, each one is exquisite and generous, our fishing rod will make you the most dazzling fishing enthusiast.


  • Handle: Casting Fishing Rod
  • Accessories: Imported Guide Ring And Wheel Seat
  • Handle: Pure wood handle
  • Lightweight design for easy all-day use.
  • Sensitive and accurate, Lightweight for ease of use.

EAN: 7393893306322

Package Includes: 

  • 1 x Fishing Rod
  • 1 x Rod Protection Bag
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