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Kandao Meeting PRO 360 ° all-in-one conferencing camera gives you a true face-to-face meeting experience. Capturing the meeting room with a massive 8000x3000 resolution 30 fps, delivering 1080P HD video with crystal clear audio. The updated Meeting AI 2.0 then processes this enormous amount of video and audio data, selecting and combining the most relevant parts of the scene to render a 1080p final output. This 8K-in-1080p-out approach not only provides a massive visual upgrade compared to the traditional 1080p-in-1080p-out conferencing camera, but also present the meeting scene in a much more immersive way that is not possible before.Combining a 360 ° camera, 8 omnidirectional microphones with 5.5 Meter radius and 2 full duplex speakerphones in an affordable package. Plug and play and compatible with various video conferencing platforms, it offers a simple to use, high quality audio and video solution for a remote meeting of any size.Intelligent Tracking & Auto-focus.Powered by cutting-edge AI technology, Kandao Meeting PRO's video conferencing system automatically focuses on the active speaker. When there are different active speakers engaged, it will split the screen with a 360 ° wide angle view displayed on top and close-up shot of active speakers below. It offers more precise voice-tracking and fast face-tracking than most available conference system.Omni-directional Audio SystemThe 8 omnidirectional microphones of the Kandao Meeting Pro guarentee great sound and speach pic up in every direction within a 5.5 meter radius. the full-duplex speakers minimize noise and echos that it will impress you.8K Capturing & 1080P Streaming (8K-in-1080p-out)With customized Ultra-HD fisheye lenses, Kandao 360 ° conference camera Metting Pro gives you a wide field of view and ensures you to see more clearly in the group video. It captures panoramic video at a frame rate of 30 frames per second. The wide angle hd video ensures everyone is visible and engaged.Designed to make you.

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  • > [Excellence Meeting] Meeting Pro designed by effectiveness and reduction to make conference immersive with 360 camera in dual lens for whole room , 1 set of microphone and 8 speaker for voice collection within 5m, which able to collect all members voice and visual to achieve the meeting perfection.
  • > [Abundant Compatibility] Meeting Pro with surperior microphone, speaker and others parts for supports Microsoft/OS operating system compatible with all leading online conference software: Zoom, Skype, Google hangout, Cisco WebEx, Microsoft Team.
  • > [Auto Self-adaptive HD Screen] Meeting Pro enables 1080P, 720P HD video and provides multiple scenes and model to option within meeting conference including Discussion, Global, Presentiation and Patrol which flexible for various conference requirment and circumstance.(Image quality depends on the compatibility of display screen resolution and authorization of software screen definition)
  • > [Portable Use and Carry] Only updated under the instruction and no more driver installation after turning on the device and plug the cable for your favorite meeting software. Quick and convenient to increase conference efficiency and bring to 360 video and audio experience in business trip and instant meeting for upgrade quality
  • > [Cost Efficient Solution] 360 All In One webcam conference device assembled high definition (high resolution) camera, stereoscopic speaker and digital microphone for meeting convenience and communication effectiveness. Visual, speak and auditory would be allow to interact within KanDao Meeting Pro.


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  • 1 x Conference Camera
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