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We have tested our product in Labs and also with great athletes to test the comfortability of our head harness and got it to maximum comfortability level with of course giving you an industrial-strength power Head harness which can hold a whole bunch of weight.

Color: BLACK


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  • ✅QUALITY & NEW DESIGN - We have spent an enormous amount of time to bring you this amazing product with exceptional quality and price you won't be able to get hands-on anything this good for this amazing price, This product is stylish effective comfy and there are adjustable straps so one size fits all.
  • ✅EXTRA CHIN STRAP- Padded Chinstrap prevents rashes to your skin, the chin strap makes your neck workout accurate to neck muscles.
  • ✅BUILD NECK MUSCLE-Mostly used in sports & law enforcement training to get a stronger neck, because the neck bone is sensitive if you have strong muscle around it, that makes it way strong.

Package Includes:               

  • 1 *  Neck/Head Weight Harness


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