HotShot™ 19.5in Portable Smokeless Wood Burning Fire Pit with Carry Bag

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Meet the easy to use, nearly smoke free HotShot™ Wood Burning Fire Pit, with its black matte powder-coated steel finish. This groundbreaking smokeless fire pit is the new way to enjoy the beauty and warmth of a fire, without all the smoke. The advanced design creates a low smoke wood fire by using intake vents in the stand to allow air inside the double-insulated fire pit walls. The air rises in the walls as it is heated, and is then fed back into the fire bowl, creating a secondary combustion. This new Clean Air Smoke Free Technology removes up to 70% of the smoke when the wood level is kept below the top edge. Now you can enjoy the black matte steel HotShot's™ super-charged heat with barely any smoke and ash. Take your smoke less, portable fire pit camping, glamping, to the beach, on picnics, to your family's sporting events – anywhere outside with a fire-safe surface. Or appreciate the benefits of the outdoor fire pit from the coziness of your own backyard.

  • Brand Name: PDQ
  • Origin: Mainland China

  • Features  

    • Smokeless HotShot™ Wood Burning Fire Pit is made of black matte powder-coated steel
    • Clean Air Smoke Free Technology reduces up to 70% of the smoke generated compared to traditional style wood burning fire pits
    • Fire Pit Stand included (approx. $100 in value) and supports air flow through fire pit, helping it to produce almost no smoke
    • Firepit comes with its own custom fit, PVC-coated, zippered carry bag
    • Fire pit is 19.5" diameter, 14" high

    Package Includes

    1X Smokeless Wood Burning Fire Pit

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