Hike Crew Digital Night Vision Binoculars, Capture HD Photos & Videos

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Description: Infrared night vision binoculars glasses goggles scope camera monocular for kid hunt hunting viewer dark darkness nighttime rifle scope military Spy Gear Spying Viewing Range Optics Animals Spot Deer IR light Sports Outdoor glasses for driving predators coyotes foxes bobcats hogs small compact travel battery operated.

Color: Black

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    • LARGE CRYSTAL-CLEAR DIGITAL LCD VIEWING SCREEN: High-Fidelity Image Provides Amazing Visual Clarity, Brings Far Objects Near, Reducing Eye Strain and Allowing Longer Viewing Periods | Soft, Roomy Eye Cups Are Comfortable and Large Enough to Accommodate Glasses
    • CAPTURE STUNNING HD IMAGES AND VIDEO: Integrated Digital HD Video and Photo-Taking Capacity Records High-Quality Snapshots and Thrilling Movies So Memories Are Never Lost, Share Exciting Finds, Rare Specimens, and Impressive Trophies with Friends and Family With Its Built-in Camera
  • HIGH-POWERED LONG VIEWING DISTANCE: Daytime Viewing Distance of 1400 Feet Helps Spot Prey Four Football Fields Away, Nighttime Viewing Distance of 350 Feet Reveals the Secrets of the Night, Discover More of the Natural World at All Hours of the Day & Night with The Hike Crew Night Vision Goggles For Adults

    • POWERFUL 2X DIGITAL MAGNIFICATION - 7X Optical ZOOM: Instantly See Twice As Far with Stunning Levels of Detail, Study Majestic Wildlife Up Close and Personal While Still Remaining at a Safe and Respectful Distance, Enjoy Every Detail From Afar With The Night Binocular, THE PERFECT GIFT, If you are looking for an INNOVATIVE gift for a family member, the Hike Crew Spy Goggles will get anyone excited. MAKE SOMEONE HAPPY
    • 7 LEVELS OF INFRARED BRIGHTNESS: Seamlessly Adjust to Any Ambient Light to Achieve Perfect Image Clarity Regardless of the Scene or Scenario, With the Hike Crew Night Vision Googles Never Miss a Moment of the Action and Always Be Ready for the Perfect Shot

Full Features List

  • Fixed Focal Magnification: A series of lenses work together seamlessly to enlarge images and extend the viewing distance
  • Digital Magnification: Advanced computer algorithms enhance visual distance up to 2X without distortion
  • Integrated Screen: LCD clearly presents magnified images to the viewer
  • Lens Cap: Shrouds infrared sensor in daylight settings to avoid overexposed images
  • Battery Compartment: Houses 4 size-AA batteries
  • Infrared Sensor: Detects infrared wavelengths produces by warm objects
  • Carry Strap: Enables easy, secure mobility from site to site
  • IR Brightness Control: Switches between 7 selectable brightness levels
  • Digital Zoom Control: Shifts between normal viewing and 2X

Package Includes: 

  • 1 Hunting Binocular
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