Goldboy Professional Slingshot, Wrist Rocket Slingshot with Laser Sight

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Description: Professional Slingshot for outdoor and indoor target shooting and fitness catapult of fowling and fishing. It also can be treasured up like a slingshot collection. High Quality Made of extremely durable alloy materials, this hunting slingshot can withstand the most extreme weather conditions to be a hunter’s best friend.

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  • Package Included:1x Slingshot, 4 x Rubber bands, 120 x Steel Ammo balls & 100 x Mud Ammo balls, 1 x Infrared sight flashlight, 1 x Flashlight stand base (can be adjusted for various flashlights), 1 Pack of the toolkit (include wrenches, screws, and replacement springs).
  • This slingshot is carefully designed for professional shooting with new materials and a black appearance, the frame of the slingshot is made of stainless steel, the laser beam aiming device is made of aluminum alloy. The carefully selected materials and excellent workmanship ensure this slingshot is reliable and durable.
  • The slingshot with a laser sight and wrist bracket measures 10 inches long, 7 inches in height, and weighs 1.4 Lb. The shooting force of the rubber slingshot bands is about 15 Lb. The spring on the top of the slingshot can increase the band's tension force, which will get a longer shooting range, the maximum range is about 165 FT (50 Meters).
  • The professional hunting slingshot design with infrared sight and laser flashlight can help you find the targets quickly and accurately. The wrist support bracket will help you keep the balance when you aiming your target. The magnetic rings on the wrist supporter can hold the steel balls and mud balls (Magnetic powder was added), you can get the bullets quickly and easily while shooting.
  • Goldboy wrist rocket slingshot is ideal for outdoor competition, exercise, fitness catapult, and hunting, also great for boutique collection. The groove at the bottom of the slingshot handle allows you to freely match fishing accessories. Carefully selected ball boxes and shoulder bags make it easy to carry your equipment for safari. Warning: Do not shoot at people or animals!

Package Includes: 

  •  1 Slingshot
  •  1 Laser Sight
  •  4 Screw Tools
  •  4 Replacement Rubber bands
  •  120 Steel Slingshot Ammo Balls
  •  100 Mud Ammo Balls
  •  1 Plastic Box for Ammo Balls
  •  1 Plastic Box for Accessories
  •  1 Replacement Accessories kit
  •  1 Shoulder Bag
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