FINIS Slide Dryland Swimming and Sports Training Resistance Exercise Bands

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The Slide Dryland Trainer from FINIS is designed to provide swimmers with exercises that mimic the entire swim stroke cycle with consistent resistance to improve the positioning of the hand and forearm through swimming movements. Attach the elastic cord to two different points on a chain-link fence (or similar) to add variety and different angles to your strength and conditioning training. The two rotating handles allow swimmers to practice hand and forearm positioning without cord interference or overloading. 7mm

Color: Yellow


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  • SIMULATE MUSCLE-BUILDING MOVEMENTS: Resistance bands with sliding handles allow you to target and train your swim stroke while working tone and fitness even without a pool
  • DEVELOP STRENGTH: Dual anchor points and rotating handles let you perform vertical, horizontal, and diagonal exercises for hand and forearm positioning that is ergonomic and practical
  • AVOID INJURIES: Unlike regular tension bands, this 7mm stretching workout equipment provides a consistent resistance level with every stretch to help execute each move with proper tension
  • FITNESS ON THE GO: Simple to pack and take wherever you travel, these training resistance bands allow for portable, functional training for lifting, strength, and swimming skills at home or outdoors

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