Electric Thin Modern Design, Dedicated Rear and Front Self-Cleaning

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 Better hygiene is key to happiness. Instantly upgrade your restroom routine with The Omigo Element+ Non-Electric Warm Water Bidet Attachment. You’ll cut down on your use of toilet paper and flushable wipes, while getting cleaner every time nature calls. The switch to a bidet-spray clean is simple, because the Element+ works with your existing toilet seat, requires zero electricity, and works with your sink's hot water supply. You’ll achieve a shower-fresh feeling after every trip to the bathroom—one that you’ll soon find you don’t want to go without. 


  • INTUITIVE FEATURES - Adjustable hot / cold water temperature and water pressure dials
  • SIMPLE - No electricity or power is needed
  • DELIVERS PERFECT WASHES - Dedicated rear and front self-cleaning nozzles with intuitive pressure control
  • HASSLE FREE - Super quick and easy install
  • WARRANTY - 1 year warranty

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Bidet
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