Electric Standing Desk 63"x30" Inches Dual Motor 3 Stages Height Adjustable

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Program your favorite standup desk heights right from the convenient control panel, which lets you assign up to 3 different desk heights to the memory buttons so you can easily switch between standing and sitting positions. Also, you could make a sit-stand alert with a reminder button when you need it.

Color: Black Frame & Black/Greystone Top


  • QUIET DUAL MOTORS with 65% MORE LOADING CAPACITY: Lift and lower the sit stand desk with confidence even in the quietest room. The whisper-quiet dual motors could generate less than 45dB of sound when handle 65% more weight (up to 220 lbs total) than a single-motor desk, which is so quiet it won’t disturb a sleeping baby.
  • 3 STAGES LIFT SYSTEM: Compare with 2 stages lift system, 3 stages standing desk has a 30% wider range of lifting space, from 24.4” to 50”. No matter 3’2” kid or 6’5” adult, you could adjust the height of your desk to suit them.
  • ONE INTEGRATED CHARGING PORT: One built-in USB charging port is conveniently integrated into the sleek control panel. No need to look for charging, it’s within your arm’s reach.
  • TWO DESK HOOKS: Each hook can hook your headset, bag and jacket very easily.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Office Standing Desk
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