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The seat surface is made of high-quality flannel, which is soft and comfortable. Filled with high resilience sponge cushion, it is comfortable to sit and won't collapse for a long time.

Color: Grey


  • * The table top is made of glass steel, imitating the marble texture table top, does not fade, has good gloss, delicate workmanship, beautiful, easy to clean and long life. The arc table corner design effectively prevents collision.
  • * Welding process: manual welding by old craftsmen, full solder joints, high temperature baking paint and long service life. The circular foot pads are uniformly stressed and the height of the foot pads can be adjusted to effectively solve the vibration caused by uneven floors.
  • ❤❤❤(.♥ ᴗ ♥)The unique look and minimal silhouette complement its organic shape to create an iconic dining table with a contemporary twist
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Package Includes:

  • 1 x Office Dining Table
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