Desk Divider - Desk Privacy Panel -Sneeze Guard-Desk Screens

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The screen is made of fiber material, which is thinner and denser than a mask, and is most suitable as a droplet defense! You can work with peace of mind even in a face-to-face layout.

Color: Gray

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  • The high-density hard sound-absorbing board with a thickness of 9mm can reduce the voice of speech and the touch sound of the computer keyboard, which helps to reduce the interference in the workplace and create a private workstation.
  • Fiber cutting board, you can stick sticky notes on it, you can also clip files, which is convenient for managing important tasks in the work
  • The cable hole design makes the desktop more tidy; the incision design is not easy to touch with the arm, and the structure is not easy to fatigue; 4 free clips can be fixed on the desktop
  • It can be carried with you and can switch freely between the office and the home. After the work is over, it can be quickly folded and changed quickly, so that life and work can be relaxed and relaxed.


package Includes:

  • 1 x Office Desk Divider