Conference Speakerphone M2 Black Bluetooth Speaker.

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Although it originally developed and designed for use in conference scenarios, getting more people involved in the meeting room. AS eMeet slogan says, make conference simple.In actual use, eMeet conference speakerphone not only can be applied to the conference room of the office building, providing more people with high-quality remote conference services, offering clear voice quality in noisy environments, like a café of the business district but can also be a good solution for working at home.Sitting in front of the computer for a long time? Want to stand up and move in the room during the meeting, but so afraid to miss the moment that you need to speak Long term wearing Bluetooth headset leads to hearing fatigue? Our professional speakerphones are always devoted to helping you realize long-distance pickup and high-quality calls.


  • Interactively show sound direction
  • Show Battery level
  • Show volume
  • Comes with dongle
  • USB connection
  • Bluetooth connection

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Microphone