Comgrow Creality Ender 6 3D Printer Stable Core XY Structure Blue

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In terms of size, the Ender-6's 3d printer build volume of 250x250x400mm puts it right between an Ender-5 Pro (220 x220x300mm) and the CR-10 series, which starts at 300x300x400mm. This should suffice for the majority of your daily print jobs.The filament run-out sensor acts as a smart detection device which suspends printing until new filament is fed through the system.It comes with an HD 4.3 inch touchscreen which operates on the 6th version of the user interface system. This touchscreen display is very easy to operate, and gives you a wide range of visual capabilities to adjust or view your printing parameters and much more.To make it easier for bed leveling, the large rotary knobs will be your best assistants, saving your time and energy.The branded power supply is great for ensuring a consistent level of supply throughout your prints, as well as a smooth operating heat.The POM V-Shaped wheels are made of engineering thermoplastic which is rated as great for use in precision parts requiring high stiffness, low friction, and excellent dimensional stability.

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  • Faster Printing Speed and Higher Precision: Thanks to the Core-XY mechnical structure, the Ender-6 enclosed 3d printer can reach print speeds up to 150mm/s, which is 3 times faster than other Ender printers and many of its competitors. In terms of printing accuracy and printing speed, the newly-released Creality Ender-6 is the most powerful and capable FDM 3D printer in the Ender series.
  • Optional Semi-closed Build Chamber: An acrylic enclosure is an optional upgrade for the Ender 6 corexy 3d printer. With acrylic plates added on the four sides of the printer, this Creality 3d printer is better at preserving the temperature within the print area, which will extend filament choices from PLA to ABS, TPU, and more. Meanwhile, the transparent plates still allow real-time monitoring of 3D printing process from 360° around.
  • Ultra Silent Main Board: Creality Ender-6 core xy 3d printer is custom-built with an ultra-silent Germany-imported TMC motion controller, enabling the printing process won't make any noise and ensuring smooth movement under 50dB.
  • Elegant Appearance: The Ender-6 is revamped with a new look: an integrated all-metal chamber body, strong Creality-blue corner connectors and acrylic open door structure giving the FDM 3d printer a very elegant appearance. It can seamlessly fit into any area of your home or office with ease. Moreover, 4.3in HD Touchscreen and neat wire arrangement make the machine quite beautiful. Excellent 3d printer for beginners and surprising gift for kids.
  • Carborundum glass platform: The 3d printer glass bed as its hot-bed evokes a sense of elegance with this machine. More importantly, the superior heat resistance and thermal conductivity of the hotbed greatly improves heating efficiency and bed adhesion, which results in exact smoothness, even on the first layer of the prints.

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