CLIng Double Bucket Shoe Washing Machine Small Household Smart Lazy Person Brushing Shoes Drying and dehydrating

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Color: Silver


  • [Dual function design] Wash and spin dry clothes at the same time. You can move the clothes directly from the washing machine to the spinner, or you can run both sides at the same time to complete the laundry.
  • [360° Bionic Hand Washing Wave Wheel] Powerful spring water flows around the clothes to wash, break up clothes, clear stubborn stains on clothes, imitate physical hand washing, and reduce clothes damage
  • [Blue light clean design] Deep clean, 360 degree blue light, effective clean, safe and healthy, clean and more assured, integrated elution, large capacity, independent dehydration barrel
  • [Double bucket shoe washing machine] Independent drying bucket, ABS material, strong drying effect, no rust, no corrosion, long service life, strong environmental protection motor power
  • [Reasonable design and energy saving] The plastic body ensures that the machine will never rust. Always keep quiet, tidy and clean. Small size, low power consumption, can save a lot of energy.

Details: Product brand: double tub washing machine Drainage method: lower drain Appearance color: gold, silver, Dehydration capacity: 3.0KG; Rated power: 50Hz Input power: 300W Packing description: carton packaging Door opening method: Top open the door Washing capacity: 5.0KG Rated voltage: 220V Waterproof rating: IPX4 Product weight: 12KG Product size: 640*565* 340MM detail: Rat-proof base Side handle Double diamond inner barrel Water inlet Washing timing: Five levels of time can be selected at will, according to the actual situation of the clothes, choose as you like, and set the washing time freely Water flow conversion: function conversion knob, two modes for easy operation Dehydration timing: five-speed timing, select the dehydration time according to the amount of clothes, reduce clothes wear

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