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Virtual learning and working can be challenging for anyone. This station provides privacy and sound reduction so students can focus on their online classes. Whether learning with zoom meetings

Color: Green


  • VISUAL AND SPACE PRIVACY: Acoustic desktop privacy divider and partial enclosure size 16” L 25”” W x 16” H. Workstation screen sits on top of workstation providing school, work or office desk privacy. Acoustic desktop divider separates your work area from others view. Made of 100% PET felt
  • SOUND REDUCING: Acoustical desks dividers absorb up sound in open spaces. Blocking noise and creating an acoustic balance has been proven to be effective in increasing productivity.100% polyester fiber allows for highly effective sound absorption
  • QUICK AND EASY ASSEMBLY: assembly takes seconds and breaks down to lay flat, no tools required
  • EASY/FLEXIBLE FIT: with size of 16” L 25”” W x 16” H, divider can easily fit into workspace, causing no damage to desk. This divider can easily remove from workstation and can be relocated. Divider can break down for easy storage.
  • PROVIDES SEPARATION: Allows for a personal workstation. The divider acts as a movable barrier to provide separate space and block distractions. Can be moved easily and works well for offices, medical facilities, call centers and education and testing centers, classrooms, home office, rooms.


Package Includes:

  • 1 x Office Desk Divider